Sunday, July 3, 2011

Please Do NOT Stop By Unannounced!

'Cuz it's Tour de Fleece 2011, don'tcha know. I will not be prepared for your visit. My house will not be tidy nor clean. I may not have a stocked cupboard. This is because I have set completely ridiculous and unpractical goals for spinning for the next 3 weeks. However, in my defense, I could not help myself. Stash diving just yielded beauty after beauty. How could I choose?

Then these arrived in the mail.

In case you are wondering, that last one is Waldorf Salad by Craftypuppylover.

So, yeah. I am deep in fiber. I've emptied a gazillion bobbins. I've prepped. There's been carding.


The annual making of the Rav badge.

I may have joined too many teams this year.
~Just sayin'~

Nevertheless, Day 1:

from my combing and carding, with a little from a Wild Hare Fiber Studios batt, a thick and thin single.

A gift of a Hello Yarn colorway "Peat," dyed by David of Southern Cross Fibers and gifted to me so I could finish crocheting a sweater for my babylove. Spun woolen, outside my comfort zone, for a 2- ply. Thank you again, David!

Metropolis by Desert Garden Farms from my June Phat Fiber box/Sci- Fi theme. Will n-ply this one. Hopefully on day 2.

Then this arrived in the mail.

It's irresistibly cute, a Birthday Cupcake for Etsy, from Shetibo. She ever so sweetly included some hand combed, beaded fiber to spin. I just think she's so cute. Please everyone, order something from her. Thank you, Jess!

Ok, so I hope to post often during the Tour, especially with the new Blogsy feature on my iPad. But ya know, every second not spinning is a moment not spinning. It Is a race after all! Here's to TdF 2011. So much fun!

Oh, and please call first:)


  1. I won't drop in on you if you won't drop in on me! Viva la Fleece! have fun!

  2. We'll have to just meet somewhere for a spindle walk!