Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Town

Saturday, it looked liked a ghost town around here when I went for my morning run. Except for a few die hard exercisers trying to squeeze in one last workout before Hurricane Irene came to town. I appreciated the calm before the storm. It was a great run. Up to 3 miles, I am:)
Here's a look at the still waters of Round Bay on the Severn.

But the other side of the peninsula was a whole 'nother story. Here's the Magothy.

I made it back just as the first few drops came down. Here's some other hurricane related shots from around town.

The gas and electric convoy trying to restore power. Still out all over town as of right now. Fortunately, our neighborhood has power again. So grateful! We had trucks from many other states here helping.

God bless them, still smiling after 14 hour days.

Next door
Next door to that

This was everywhere

Quite honestly, though, the flooding was minimal, and we were well prepared with supplies. The neighbors really rallied with cookouts, fire pits at night, and all around good cheer. Love that.

So, it's a new day! Off to throw some glitter in the air and run in some glorious sunshine. I've been taking my kids with me on the trail until schools get situated again. It just makes me smile sometimes when I see and experience their pure joy. It causes me to reflect on these beautiful little souls and wonder who am I that I get to be called "Mommy" seven times over. It makes my heart sing when I embrace all it means to have their 7 precious souls entrusted to me on this journey called life. It's a wonderful, wonderful life. Wishing you, too, the most beautiful of days!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Guesses

My neighbor and I were standing at the bus stop this morning when this fell out of a tree. It was bigger than a cigar. Have you ever seen such a thing?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School

Look at those first day of school faces! These two were so excited, I heard them up at 4 am saying they wanted to get up early. No, thank you to that! And no thank you to the 6:35 am high school bus coming at 6:30. Coming anytime before 7 for that matter!!

Then there was the small matter of the 5.9 earthquake. We of the east coast aren't accustomed to such things. Nothing like a little earthquake to shake things up on the first day. Literally.

There they go! I'm not sure I'll ever be used to someone driving away with my children. Especially after years of homeschooling. I'll never forget my 5 year old homeschooler saying, " Mommy, can you believe Miss Charlotte takes her kids to school? And leaves them there? Ha ha, kids are so funny.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer's End

August has a way of redeeming itself. I've come to love it. Until a few years ago, I didn't really trust August. The way it hung over me all summer long, ready to pounce and steal summer away. The minute August reared it's head on the calendar, the proverbial countdown began. X number of days til school starts. Robbed me of my joy. But then I gave August a chance. One more book, one more project, 3 more weeks of days. And ya know what? By the end of August, I really was refreshed. I've come to appreciate the beauty of this month.

Here we are, the last day of summer vacation. Supplies labelled. Backpacks loaded and by the front door. First day of school clothes laid out. Stories read, kids in bed. The excitement in the air is right up there with Christmas Eve.

We just had to squeeze in one more summer afternoon at the pool. I love that late afternoon/early evening heat of summer. It's sunshine for my soul. So thanks be to August for it's cleansing and restoration. I've embraced every last second.

Can you believe my baby can swim like that? What a wee fish!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

On Purpose

Today I started living ON PURPOSE. I awoke. I prayed. I chose joy. My beautiful husband sang to me and made me smile. He reminded me that I am beautiful and I can do anything. I've accomplished so much already. I ran. I ran 2 and 1/2 blissful miles. I took a hot bath. Followed by a hot stone massage. Liked it so much, I added a foot massage. I nourished with healthy food and healing teas. I immersed my spirit in some happy internet. I decided to take my focus off the goals and maybe, just maybe, focus on the process today. That's right, I scrumbled. And I loved it. There's so much beauty out there. In every moment there's gratitude waiting to be celebrated. Right now, it's pouring that green sky rain. Washing away the yuck of yestermoments. There's nothing like a good summer afternoon thunderstorm to remind myself that there's nowhere I need to be right now. Except right here, waiting for the rainbow:).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Sillies

The other day, I heard the front door open, so I stepped outside to check on my babyloves. This is what I found.

This just brought sunshine to my soul.

There is nothing I love more than a free spirit.

It's the beauty of childhood right there.