Thursday, February 25, 2010

Galleri Zink


This handspun is on it's way to be a part of Pluckyfluff's Handspun Art Show in Lillehammer. What a fun opportunity! I chose this yarn because it was the epitome of what spinning means to me. It was spun in the company of my closest spinning friends, uncarded handfuls of beautiful fiber randomly spun as a single. I have such fond memories when I hold this yarn. It makes me feel so grateful for friends like you! Good times, this yarn.


I finished my Debbie Bliss Bolero Jacket yesterday. So cosy in Cashmerino chunky. Not my first choice for yarn, but what can I say...I was impatient so I went with what was readily available. My daughter has already asked to borrow it! Um, no. Mine. All mine. Mine,mine,mine,mine, mine. That's the toddler creed, yes? I know that well. Speaking of toddlers, nothing is sacred. Even the spirit mug. Yeah, that mug.

nothing is sacred

I've finished a few yarns lately. This one is corespun from LOOP clouds.


Oh, one more thing. Hey, friend....this is for you. I know you've been waiting patiently.


Hope you like it :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time Out


Stealthy, this one. Like an animal hunting his prey, he waits for his moment...then pounces on the opportunity. It's almost like a race to see how much destruction he can manifest in that single moment before I catch him. Today, it was my newly upholstered chair that needed that special finishing touch that only this toddler could offer.


But why stop there, when the world is your canvas? Why not go for the table as well? Denial? Hardly. The evidence is all there.


But in his defense, how else is he to entertain himself when the snow outside is nearly up to his face?