Thursday, December 31, 2009

If I Had Been Blogging

This is what I would've shared, had I been blogging. Let's see, I spun up some chunky yarn in Hello Yarn Patchwork to crochet a tam. Added a trim from Camp Pluckyfluff DC.

Ended up with this wild mop of a thing.

I introduced #4 to the spinning wheel.

She's been spindling for a yearish so she worked the wheel like a pro. She gifted her first wheel spun yarn to her little sis for Christmas. She also just knit herself a pair of fingerless mitts. I love to see my kids spinning and knitting. Speaking of Those Mitts, I knit a few sets for gifting this Christmas.

Did you notice my new spinning apron? Perfectly constructed, this was a gift from Mia. I really love this. Happy hot pink, yes? This is really cool and keeps all the fluff off of my clothes.

Can you believe it's the end of another decade? Happy New Year!