Friday, November 11, 2011


Of course I would post today. I couldn't resist. Some things just can't wait 'til they come around again...

So many days, so full of joy- where do I even start? Let's see... there have been Elevensies parties:

and birthday parties:

#6 turned 8! I know!

#4 turned 14! Don't even get me started!

I ran a 5k. It was 34 degrees following a noreaster. 'Nuf said. You didn't really want to see that picture. Trust me.

For some reason, I keep receiving gifts and it's making my heart swell with gratitude and joy. I received an amazing package from Craftypuppylover. I won a gift certificate to her shop during Tour de Fleece. Coincidentally, the package arrived the same day as my Ebony spindle that dear Mr. Golding took in for repair at Rhinebeck. Gorgeous and brand new. Can you see it tucked in there? I couldn't wait to wrap one of Carrie's gorgeous mini batts around it! Carrie also sent some mini skeins for Hexipuffs. Yes, I've been bitten by the Hexi-bug. Knit my first one yesterday. One down, 383 hexipuffs to go. No problem.

I also won a blog giveaway from EmilyRossa Thank you, Emily! I've been so curious about this book, but have never bought it for myself. I was close once. I've been enjoying it so far. That's the latest Hello Yarn club fiber. The colorway is "Bristling." The fiber is Shetland.

I finished my Rhinebeck socks. Lol. Just in time for next year. David's Toe Up Sock Cookbook is the pattern I used. I really like this pattern. While I'm at it, I really like the author of this pattern:) Everyone knows David, right? The yarn is handspun Hello Yarn Sour Fig.




Here's the whole sock story:

Hello Yarn



Sock love.

I washed this gorgeous BFL fleece; a gift from Montana. Speechless.


I received an invitation to take part in Girl With a Hook's Batts for Headband Project over on Facebook. So I carded:





I also took Jacey up on her offer to send in a 4x4 swatch to add to a wall hanging in her studio for the filming of her upcoming Insubordiknit dvd. She's putting together an amazing piece comprised of swatches from everyone she's ever spun with. So, if that includes you, then join the project! Even if you've learned from her previous dvd,rather than in person, she'd still like you to be a part of it.


So, there ya have it. These are the joys that fill my days. Wishing you a joy-filled day, too. Enjoy your weekend!