Thursday, December 30, 2010


Faith.Family.Friends. Health.Love. So much love. Yarn. There's no such thing as too much yarn. Babyloves. No such thing as too many of them either! They grow too fast, but we'll take it. Gracefully. Because despite all of the tumultuous moments of childhood, there is the laughter. Always the laughter. Like when you go to tuck them in at night but you find one already fast asleep in a laundry basket instead of his bed.


Why do they do things like this? I dunno, but it's so darn funny. And I'm relieved to know that not ALL of the laundry baskets are full of dirty laundry. It's a good thing, then, when at least one is available for sleeping.

Goodness. So much goodness this year. So many special family moments.
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We experienced joy-filled days of record snowfalls, sporting events, birthdays, anniversaries, big changes, ear-piercing, vacations, fiber fests, friendships, first dances, new chances, a little blogging, a lot of spinning, knitting, and crocheting. 2010 has been a wonderful year. All the best to you in 2011.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Love Summer


No, really. I love summer. It's my favorite season. I love everything about it. The warm and sunny days, the afternoon thunderstorms, the summer sounds. Oh, how I adore the summer sounds. This week has been exceptionally beautiful in the Mid-Atlantic. No matter how hard I tried to drink it all in, I just couldn't. I just want time to stand still. Do you know what I mean when I say that I feel like the kids have not yet even been out of school a full two weeks and it's already the 4th, which means next week is mid-July, and suddenly it's August? As you know, with August comes the countdown until school starts. Please no one tell me how many days(or weeks) are left until school starts. I just want to savor every precious second of summer. I'm so grateful for every little minute.

Check out my babylove. Captain of the Naughty Boys. I know you don't believe me, because he has the sweetest little face. I've posted many of the funny things he does, but yesterday he really cracked me up. He's a big kid now, ya know. No more diapers for him. Can you believe I have potty trained SEVEN human beings? I can't even believe that. He was the quickest. We had a potty party a few months ago and that was that. Who knew partying in a decorated bathroom was the way to go? Anyway, so back to yesterday...He came downstairs announcing that he went potty and didn't need any help. No siree, he took care of everything. Well, not exactly, but that's beside the gross point. When I went upstairs, I found a used one of these on the bathroom floor.
Apparently, he had the added benefit of a little exfoliation with that one. You see, these are dual action wipes. One side for scrubbing, one for wiping. lol.

Not those wipes, dude.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Did Ya Know?

It's Knit and Crochet Blog Week! Who Knew? Yeah, so what's your story? When did you learn to knit/crochet?
I wanted to learn to knit years ago. I dunno, maybe around 2000. I asked my friend Kathleen to teach me. Yup, this chica can do anything. She had already started her love affair with knitting. I went to my LYS, picked up a Debbie Bliss book and yarn. So, we got together over a cuppa.
She started me on my first ever sweater. I loved the idea of knitting, but had no idea what I was doing, really. Then I had something like a hundred kids right in a row and never finished the sweater. But my girl, Kathleen, finished it for me. About half of my kids have worn this baby sweater. That was the end of my knitting career.
Then in 2007, I had a some really serious asthma during pregnancy. I was hospitalized, put on bedrest, with nothing to do while EVERYTHING needed to get done. Ugh, the frustration!! My husband suggested I go back to knitting. Maybe make a little something for the baby. Ha, I bet at the time he thought that suggestion seemed harmless enough! Little did he know!! So yeah, I took him up on the offer and taught myself how to knit by making a simple baby blanket. It was a perfect way to connect with this little being who had changed my life so drastically. It was very calming. When the blanket was finished I took on one harder project every time I cast on, until I became proficient. But one thing led to another until I was spinning, dyeing, crocheting, weaving and falling in luv with some of the most amazing artists who have become the best friends of my life! So that's my story. Would love to hear yours! If you'd like to read more just google "knitcroblo" followed by a 1, 2, etc. for each day of the event. What's your story?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Galleri Zink


This handspun is on it's way to be a part of Pluckyfluff's Handspun Art Show in Lillehammer. What a fun opportunity! I chose this yarn because it was the epitome of what spinning means to me. It was spun in the company of my closest spinning friends, uncarded handfuls of beautiful fiber randomly spun as a single. I have such fond memories when I hold this yarn. It makes me feel so grateful for friends like you! Good times, this yarn.


I finished my Debbie Bliss Bolero Jacket yesterday. So cosy in Cashmerino chunky. Not my first choice for yarn, but what can I say...I was impatient so I went with what was readily available. My daughter has already asked to borrow it! Um, no. Mine. All mine. Mine,mine,mine,mine, mine. That's the toddler creed, yes? I know that well. Speaking of toddlers, nothing is sacred. Even the spirit mug. Yeah, that mug.

nothing is sacred

I've finished a few yarns lately. This one is corespun from LOOP clouds.


Oh, one more thing. Hey, friend....this is for you. I know you've been waiting patiently.


Hope you like it :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time Out


Stealthy, this one. Like an animal hunting his prey, he waits for his moment...then pounces on the opportunity. It's almost like a race to see how much destruction he can manifest in that single moment before I catch him. Today, it was my newly upholstered chair that needed that special finishing touch that only this toddler could offer.


But why stop there, when the world is your canvas? Why not go for the table as well? Denial? Hardly. The evidence is all there.


But in his defense, how else is he to entertain himself when the snow outside is nearly up to his face?


Friday, January 29, 2010


IMG_5292 crochet. Such instant gratification! Whipped this up last night. This chunky yarn naturally spun itself as a thick and thin single.


It is from a LOOP batt called Tweedledum. I'm forever in search of the spirit know, the perfect hat that just works. It's a challenge with what my husband lovingly refers to as my "GI Joe lifelike hair." Beanies are so cute when you've got the right cut for one. But it's tough when no hair shows. I dunno, I'm kinda diggin' this one. It reminds me of good friends and good times.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marshmallow Tree


No, Mommy, I did not put marshmallows in your tree. I wasn't the one who stuck the bologna on the front door either.

But I did dress my own self.


Friday, January 1, 2010



A new day. A new month. A new year. A new decade. A whole lot of possibility. Happy New Year, friends!