Monday, September 17, 2012

A Whole New Chapter

So babylove is definitely not a baby anymore. We've closed that chapter and embarked on an exciting new one. But, I just know you'll understand why he'll forever be my babylove. IMG_0103 Look who started Kindergarten!! IMG_0109 Yup, I cried buckets when that big ol' bus carried off my sweet #7. I'm so not good with endings and this definitely felt like the end of our special time at home so I just kept focusing on what a great new beginning this is and I keep imagining all of the wonderful and exciting new opportunities he has. He has adjusted beautifully,(as have I, lol). His wonderful teacher posts pictures daily for the parents and it really is a joy to see how much fun he is having. It's all good. Sooo good. Whatever am I doing with all this new free time, you ask? Why, I'm deep in the fiberlove of course! My first goal is to stash down by 10 before buying anything new. First up, Inspira Cowl with a combo of hand dyed I made with Kate one afternoon and a Loop self striping batt spun in a rustic single. That textured knobby single totally changes the look of the Inspira. IMG_0015 Next, it's back to my square shawl. I'm totally just making this up as I go along in the same hand dyed as Inspira as well as Ode to Sock Summit in Dragonfly Djinni. The inspiration for this came from Ann Weaver's Square Shawls workshop. IMG_0013 My third project is to finish my Alber's Cowl Here's my first square: IMG_0009 I'm diggin' these colors. Can't wait to wear this one! I also need to make the Ioanna cowl from The Container Ships Club. Haven't decided on a yarn yet for this one. OOOh, and lookie! Not sure I'll include these in my stash down but these are battling their way to the top of the queue: IMG_0008 Picked up this pattern and one of the yarns(Velvet Underground in Djinni) at Michigan FiberFest. The other yarn is a gift from Gryphon. Love this pattern, what do you think of the yarn combo? These three in Squishy lace are begging me to drop everything and knit for the rest of my life in Squishy. IMG_0010 The problem is, they don't know what they want to be yet. Speaking of Michigan Fiber Fest and Squishy Lace...I finished my Chittagong in Squishy just in time for a little designer photo shoot. Fun times! Really great show! The peeps in Michigan are the best! IMG_0087 IMG_0078 Some of my favorite people from the BohoknitterChic group on Ravelry stopped by to say hi. IMG_0072 How cute are they ? So sweet, too. I met the most extraordinary knitters that weekend. I can't wait for next year! So, that's the round-up. But, before I close, I just wanted to mention that I'm an affiliate for my friend, Tara Wagner! See that little badge up there in the corner? Her brand new Organic Parenting Course starts today! Even if you are not a parent, I hope you will check her out. Tara is the most amazing wise woman. She is an incredible life coach and the author of Digging Deep. Check out her website! I hope you find her to be as wonderful as I do. Thanks for looking! I love this here blogosphere community we have all created. Friends supporting friends. As always, thank you for supporting me, friend! I'm so glad you stopped by to see what's up in my little corner of the world.