Friday, January 29, 2010


IMG_5292 crochet. Such instant gratification! Whipped this up last night. This chunky yarn naturally spun itself as a thick and thin single.


It is from a LOOP batt called Tweedledum. I'm forever in search of the spirit know, the perfect hat that just works. It's a challenge with what my husband lovingly refers to as my "GI Joe lifelike hair." Beanies are so cute when you've got the right cut for one. But it's tough when no hair shows. I dunno, I'm kinda diggin' this one. It reminds me of good friends and good times.


  1. That looks gorgeous on you! You're so pretty to begin with, but that's a good combination of colours. It really brings out your eyes.

  2. Gorgeous! That hat is truly your spirit beanie! Whaere did you put the flower?