Sunday, August 21, 2011

On Purpose

Today I started living ON PURPOSE. I awoke. I prayed. I chose joy. My beautiful husband sang to me and made me smile. He reminded me that I am beautiful and I can do anything. I've accomplished so much already. I ran. I ran 2 and 1/2 blissful miles. I took a hot bath. Followed by a hot stone massage. Liked it so much, I added a foot massage. I nourished with healthy food and healing teas. I immersed my spirit in some happy internet. I decided to take my focus off the goals and maybe, just maybe, focus on the process today. That's right, I scrumbled. And I loved it. There's so much beauty out there. In every moment there's gratitude waiting to be celebrated. Right now, it's pouring that green sky rain. Washing away the yuck of yestermoments. There's nothing like a good summer afternoon thunderstorm to remind myself that there's nowhere I need to be right now. Except right here, waiting for the rainbow:).

1 comment:

  1. Love it. So happy for you. Now please explain what scrumbling is?