Wednesday, July 20, 2011


2nd time around~ Hello Yarn Sour Fig nply. Now I have 8 ounces completed for some knock yer socks off socks. Knee highs maybe? I dunno. Thinking I'll knit toe up, two at a time 'til I run out. Just a thought. I will never get enough of this colorway. For sure.

Also spun this up today.

It's all kinds of fanciful. camel, silk, and some other exotic fibers. It's a Cream Puff by Knitifacts gifted to me by Kate last summer. I thought it only proper to spin this on the Jenkins she has loaned me. Oddly, it does not wish to be spun as fine as I envision it. I switched to my very fast flyer. I've learned not to drink beer and spin lace while my precious littles are out tubing on the lake. Waaay too many things needing my attention. Even though another adult was in charge and yet another adult present, they're still my littles and it was their first time. So fun to watch. Hope to get the Cream Puff singles plied tomorrow, cuz I'm running out of time to meet my totally unrealistic but I'm trying anyway goals. The "Ring of Fire" is supposed to hit tomorrow and this ol' cottage has no air conditioning. With 100 degree temps, wool just might have to step aside.

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