Friday, July 22, 2011

TDF2011::21 Challenge Day

I've really been looking forward to the Challenge Day. I had some Jacob I carded for a Picto Create entry on Ravelry. The image was "Typists." It was a striking black and white image that inspired 3 yarns. My challenge was to complete my entry by tailspinning the Jacob with mohair locks. I was inspired to try auto wrapping after finishing my tailspin, so I began an auto wrapped yarn. Wish I had red metallic thread, but settled for black as I was down to the wire after a 9 hour car ride home from vacation.

On the ride home I spun my first beaded fiber from Shetibo. Incredible fiber prep. I enjoyed this so much on the borrowed Jenkins spindle. I also finished the Spotted Circus Alien Slime singles, as well as New Hue Handspun Bam Huey in baby blue. It was a great Challenge Day. I am so happy I tried some new techniques!

It was a happy mail day as well. My July Art Nouveau Phat fiber box arrived while I was away. I also received a Rita Skeeter batt from Bohoknitterchic. Woot! There might have been a few more things in the mail, but let's you and me just keep that on the down-low, k?

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