Sunday, February 5, 2012


I love February. To me, it's the promise of Spring. In 3 weeks our crocus will be peeking their fresh beginnings out from under the winter soil. Also, I had a beautiful baby girl one February, 17 years ago. I cannot even put into words what this child means to me. All goodness, this one.

Happy Birthday, #3!!!

I have big fiber goals for February. I have already warped my loom for the Spunky Eclectic Weaving Club's second kit, Spaced. This kit was shipped last spring! But, hey, now... we're not on REAL world time here, remember? We lovingly refer to it as "Stover time" around here. That's mama-of-7 time. That's youhavemorefreetimethanmebutwhosecounting time.

Speaking of weaving club, I'm looking forward to the next shipment coming in mid February. Yet another reason to love February! It's fun to receive surprises in the mail. I love that my awesome husband is so supportive. My YES man. I went with the neutral colorways this round. I chose the wild colorways last time. Here's my first kit. It's Houndstooth in the wild colorway.

Wanna see my first ever scarf? I used some cotton for the warp and Sanguine Gryphon Traveller for the weft. I fulled it a bit during finishing. Soooo soft.

So, yeah, the weaving bug has bitten. I go to sleep at night dreaming of possibilities! I just got a steal on a Cricket to add to my loom collection and I ordered a new custom built peg loom from daisyhillhandiworks!
I'm thinking a warp per month is a reasonable weaving goal.

Hoping for more spinning time, too. I recently spun the December Hello Yarn club, Kitsune (Polwarth/silk) into a 3 ply. It's roughly 450 yards. Here's the whole fiber story.

Look at that cute little Andean 2 ply leftover. Hexipuff, anyone?

In other spinning, here's what's fresh off my spindles this week:

I've finished a simple crochet shawl of my own design. This is handspun 2 ply lace weight yarn from Dragonflyfibers. It's luscious merino/silk, but I can't even tell you the name of the colorway because it belonged to me before Kate even had a name for it. In fact, she gave it to me while it was still wet from the dyepot! She's very good to me, that Kate. I love her so.

Oh, and check out the gifts I won from listening to The Yarn Thing Podcast! These are from the Kara Gott Warner episode.

So special! These books are amazing and it is such a treat to win them! It's a wonderful life, I tell you! So much to be grateful for. I'm so glad to be sharing the journey with you!


  1. Your daughter is beautiful. Daughters are so special. I have only one, but she is so spectacular that I don't miss having others.

    Your fiber pictures are pretty wonderful too!

  2. I agree - beautiful daughter! Looks like spaced it working out just fine - can't wait to see how this looks after finishing!