Monday, February 20, 2012

The Big Weiner

And the weiner is....
Do you trust this gang?


#6 looks a little skeptical.
Especially now.
But, they're honest injuns. Really.


(What's that on #7's forehead you ask? Why, it's the result of a Valentine's Day preschool party/sugar induced head splitting, noggin' busting. Holy sugar high! Awesome. That scar will go perfectly with his gray front tooth)
But I digress.

The winner is(or "The Big Weiner" in honor of K-wow's word plays)...


Congrats, Jen. Enjoy your new ebook, The Bliss Filled Mama! Just need ur email, sista, and I will forward it to Kathy, who will send you a copy. How cool is that? Everyone, else...I know you will love Kathy as much as I do. Get your copy here.
Thanks for playing along and most of all for supporting my blog pal, Kathy, on her sparkly road to success. XO-


  1. I won? Really? Wow!! What grand fun! I shall thoroughly enjoy reading this book. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. :)

  2. And yet...still I get no mention or sad really. I'll just go have a latte I guess.

  3. LOVE the blog you are really doing such a great job with it and showing your innate talent and creativity for this art...and to think it all started with a little lady from Australia! Im sharing the address on my FB you madly xoxo