Monday, February 13, 2012

Recipe for Bliss

I'll be honest. Life in a family of nine can be pretty demanding at times. People are constantly asking, "How do you do it?" The truth is, I keep it real. It's a delicate balance. Whether you are a family of one, or a family the size of The Duggars, it's all about balance. Balance=Bliss, baby.

So, how, do I do it?



My lifelong dream has been to have a big family. I chose an amazing partner who unconditionally supports this dream. We're in it together. You need a support system to make your dreams happen. What does that look like for you? I can be serious and a taskmaster. My husband, whom I affectionally refer to as Captain Fun, ensures the balance by always injecting humor into the situation. Every day he makes me laugh. Have a good belly laugh today!



There is only one glorious you. It takes too much energy to keep up with another's expectation of you. Be you. There is no point comparing your interior to someone else's exterior. You are more than the externals. You are good enough. You have your own path in life. Yours is unique and extraordinary. Embrace it!


You are beautiful. Your life is a gift. It doesn't matter your size or shape. Your beauty is radiating from within. Whole, clean eating is where it's at for me. Refined sugar makes everyone crazy. I try to keep that at a minimum around here. Providing gorgeous fresh, whole food is so nourishing. You owe it to yourself. You are so worth it!



You don't need much to be happy. Attitude, perhaps. Gratitude is my attitude! I seek to find gratitude in the little things everyday. We have so very much to be grateful for. Be simple. When we can find joy in the little things, we don't need to be always searching for fulfillment. It's helped me so much to gratefully acknowledge all of my blessings and to approach life with an attitude of simplicity, especially with regards to consumerism. We don't really need as much as the media insists we do.



We have permission to say no to things that don't support our goals and dreams. People really do understand. If you struggle with this, ask yourself if it is because of what other people will think? If so, please ask yourself why you value what someone else thinks over your own authentic needs. You get to determine your own values. You get to determine your own needs. You get to decide how to value yourself. Pretty please don't let the limited perspective of other people determine your worth. Be true to yourself. Set your own boundaries based on what YOU need, not on what you perceive others might think of you. Walk your own walk, sister.



I'm a creative. Fiber arts bring me joy. I'm forever carding, spinning, knitting,crocheting, or weaving. It's my outlet. I've found that for me, I need 1-2 hours daily for my artistic pursuits. It's in my make-up. I need to create. Sometimes this means giving myself permission to neglect a mess temporarily in order to fulfill my need for creativity. In making time for myself to be creative, I'm learning that I have to prioritize. It's not always easy, but it has given me permission to craft my very own authentic life. I love the freedom in this.



Establishing connections that nurture and uplift us is a key to finding balance in life. Whether it's a night out with your favorite gal pals or an online community of like-minded people, connections with something outside of ourselves lends perspective and offers support. One of my favorite nurturing bloggers is Kathy Stowell over at blissbeyondnaptime. I feel like I connect with her on all of these levels. She inspires me with her free spirit and joy for life. I feel so honored to celebrate with her on the release of her latest creative gift to the world! I'm so excited to kick off her blog tour with Catherine. Kathy is graciously donating a copy of her e-book to one lucky reader on each stop of her tour! So, I'd love for you to check out my beloved blogger pal, "K-Wow", and all of her amazing bliss. Follow along on the tour for an introduction to some great blog stops and add some connections to your daily round.
For a chance to win a copy of The Bliss Filled Mama just leave me a comment on what you do to nurture yourself. I'd love to hear about your recipe for bliss!



  1. What a juicy post! I'm just about moved to tears :) Thank you so much Darling - I'm so honored!

  2. Thank you for sharing!

    I am learning (emphasis on learning) to be conscious & aware about each & every moment of the day. This is harder than anticipated & I may not like each moment but there isis more that I love. I feel it is making me a better Mom, wife, daughter & friend. Even my knitting & spinning & other interests are improving. Or at least I'm enjoying it more.

  3. Thanks for your beautiful bliss recipe!

    For me, nothing makes me more blissful than creating beauty and nourishment in my garden. Flowers, food, herbs, you name it!

  4. I am a better me because of you!! :)

  5. You do an amazing job with balance. I am always amazed. Me, well I like to create inspiring spaces in my house, painting makes me zen-out and keeps me going.

  6. Your recipe hit all the right notes to me - some I do better on than others but life is a process! Creativity has always been very important to me and something I have always done. In the past few years the focus for me has been fiber (as you know!). Appreciating every day and activity for itself is a little harder when it isn't fiber related but I am working on that one. Life is good!

  7. Thanks for letting me know about this give-away! :-) The things I do to nurture myself depend on the season of life that I find myself in. Currently it's exercise. Setting aside time JUST FOR ME and guarding it builds my body and mind, gives me an emotional outlet (kick-boxing out some pent-up aggression? Heck yes!!), and makes me feel like I'm in control of something in my life. Very satisfactory. :-)

  8. You are Beauty! My current nurturing for myself is running. I am a runner. Not a statement I would freely say until the last few months. Running is my outlet, social time, a challenge, exercise and every time I choose if I want to take it easy or push myself.

  9. Oh yes, nurturing ones self is so important and I know us mommies just don't do it enough! My time is for spinning and knitting. I try to make the weekly meet-up to chat with the lovely Irish ladies and a few other expats. And then every 3rd Sunday we now have a local spin-in and that is my other must.

    I think the other important thing is challenging myself, especially within my hobbies when I'm not spending time with the kids. An active mind for me is so important. I' also one of those people that must always be doing something ;-) So reading, learning a new spinning technique, taking on a tougher knitting project, playing make believe with the kids (they are way better at it than I!) all important to my nurturing.

    Of course with work mixed in there, at almost 10 hours a day, it is sometimes hard to find time for me, but I make sure I do at least a few times a week. My sanity depends on it!