Monday, January 23, 2012

In Between

A little in between projects right now...
Finished up and gifted this dropped knit scarf in an art yarn I made when devoting myself to mothering THE SEVEN translated into me missing out on Pluckyfluff's Yarnival, a week of yarny goodness at the Boeger Winery in California. I decided I'd card up/ spin up my own yarn fest.


It was good to send this yarn out into the yarniverse. Especially because it adorns the neck of one of my beloved and favey fave friends. I smile every time I think of her and our twentysomething years of friendship.

I finished a yarn outside of my color "box." I took on a challenge at Rhinebeck to pick something outside of my color comfort zone and just see. So, I learned, after several months of wool languishing on my spinning wheel, that spinning for me needs to feed my creative spirit. And granny beige is still granny beige no matter how good someone else claims the combo will look with my eyes. Ok, I admit. It matches my hair color and eye color. Will I like it any better once I knit it up? I doubt it...


Do you like it any better in this shot?


Nah? Me neither:)

Was thinking maybe I could weave it and bring in some other colors. Now we're talkin.'

Speaking of weaving, my first project is off the loom and the second is in progress! I'll have pics for ya in a hundred years. Linda, if you're reading, the view at the beach is much more inspiring to weave to. But, I'm plugging away...eager to warp with some precious handspun. Maybe that's the ticket.

My spindled stash is growing little by little. I have a design in mind for all these minis. Hopefully, that won't fall into the "hundred year" pile of to-do's.


I finished another newborn gift. Handspun 3 ply in Spunky Eclectic Flannel. This is a quick crochet. Long-Tail Pom is the pattern. This has been my go-to baby gift lately. Quick and fun to make, most especially in a 3 ply. Oooh, this yarn was nice to work with. I made a cute pair of mitts to match.


That's it for Studio E these days. Be back in a few with some more FO's. Until then, I'm wishing you a world full of goodness and laughter and joy and friendship and love. Yes, lots of love.


  1. Wonderful pictures!! I hope this year is the year of getting my spinning wheel moving along! I feel pretty good about my loom (even though I haven't independently warped it on my own just yet.)

    Oh well.

    I look forward to us warping up our looms together this winter.

    Elaine (retired knitter)

    1. You'll do just fine on the warping! Lemme know when you're ready!

  2. Oh Elizabeth...I love love the colors of the granny yarn! I believe you can make that come to life...

  3. I am reading Elizabeth and not only do I miss weaving to the ocean view - I miss weaving with you and Elaine. It was so nice sitting around the table with you both.
    I think the shots of taupe and blue keep that yarn from being granny!
    Great baby hat! Love your projects.