Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday Comics(Continued)

Maybe this needs to be a regular column. Funny things have been happening on Sundays lately. The most endearing thing happened this morning. I purchased a mug from my favorite potter at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival yesterday. It was late when I arrived home from dinner and an after party. So, I just filled the mug with soap and a little water and left it beside the sink.
Mother's Day is a time for spoiling Mommy, right? Backwards cards with coupons like " this coupon is good for... to go to the movies with me." So cute. Clever way to get a movie outta mom ;) And wouldn't it be great to surprise Mommy with coffee in bed in her new mug? Daddy went out and bought Mommy a special coffee and #6 wanted to make it extra special by pouring it into the new mug. After spilling at least 1/2 in the pour and 1/4 on the stairs, hallway, and bedroom carpet, one proud little boy arrived at my bedside with yes...soap coffee. He was so delighted with himself. I could only smile, even as I pretreated and scrubbed no less than 30 coffee stains on the coffee trail back down to the kitchen. My breakfast-in-bed-out-of-bed-back-in-bed was so sweet. But just between us friends, the only thing worse than soap coffee is cold soap coffee. Oh, how I adore my little people.


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