Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hot Pink and Orange

I'm smitten with hot pink and orange these days. The evidence:


It may have started with this luxurious gift of merino/silk from Dragonfly Fibers. I spun it as a fine lace 2 ply to crochet into a shawl of whatever design I fancied up in my head. I'm diggin' it so far. Every time I pick up a hook, I am so grateful to the crochet goddesses who taught me. You know who you are:) and I just love you!

The love affair with the pink and orange continues. I think my heart skipped a beat at the sight of some Corriedale that Kate had dyed in this color family.


I've been on a spindle kick and I literally wound off what was on my favey fave Greensleeves Black Ebony and grabbed a handful of the Corrie and spun. Just like that. No prep, nothing. It was the nicest spin ever. So smooth. I still cannot believe how it drafted. I never quite understood the mad love Kate had with this vendor, but now I do. I will be visiting this Corriedale vendor next year at MDSW for sure! I only had a handful of this amazing stuff, but knowing what I did not yet know about this fiber, Kate stuffed another handful in my hand as I was walking out the door. She's just amazing like that. And generous with the fiber love. Speaking of fiber love, here's a must have colorway.


Dragonfly Fibers Redbud Dragon Sock, which coincided with this Summer Mystery Shawlette. You know what happened next.


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