Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Comics


Somebody swallowed a tooth. Should they get extra $$$ from the tooth fairy for that? Yeah, didn't think so.

So, the little boys decided to play some baseball this morning. Big brother was oh so endearing in his explanation of the basic skills required. For example, pitchers gotta get their game face on.

The game pretty much went like this:

Oops, the ol' ball between the legs problem. Some other highlights of preschool players included the ball under the neighbor's car, which is infinitely better than the ball through the neighbor's windshield.

Don'tcha worry, I was right there helping him get the ball out and we discussed the dangers here. Then we had a little sliding into home plate with our new jeans on. You know the ones. Pretty much the only jeans without holes in them. Yet.
Why are little boys' jeans made like disposables, I ask you? Seriously.

Baseball morphed into football on asphalt in the way only little boys can make something happen.

And finally, this is what baseball with a 3 year old looks like when it's someone else's turn.

What's going on in your Sunday that is making you smile?

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  1. Aww...... a priceless moment!
    All is well I suppose, nice to hear from you.