Saturday, February 2, 2013

That'll Teach Me

I had no business going out of town two weekends in a row, according to my five year old. I had been on enough vacations already this year, he wailed. Well, in all honesty, he was sorta right. Out of the four weekends of the new year, I had been out of town for two of them. He had every right to be a little miffed! It was a pre-planned weekend with my weaving friends at the beach that stole my heart last weekend. IMG_0014 I had the best intentions of weaving with handspun, but at the last minute, I stopped in my LYS and bought some yarn for spa cloths. You see, I have a friend with whom I exchange my favorite things of the year every holiday season. Very Oprah's Favorite Things episode. It has morphed over the years into this fun get together we've dubbed Happy Christmastine's Day to celebrate birthdays and Christmas on or around Valentine's Day. 'Cuz that's how we roll, busy mamas that we are. I just had to include a little handwoven gift because weaving has become one of my loves this past year. Close your eyes if you are reading this, Paula! IMG_0016 You'll be getting one of these with your goodies! So excited. Speaking of being so excited, can you believe I have no wips at the moment? Seriously, I have finished all the works in progress on my needles. Last night I wound some handspun to cast on and knit a special scarf for my dear great aunt. Then it's a toss up between socks or the Albers Shawl. I haven't knit a single pair of socks this season. Feeling obligated. Can someone out there just whip me up a pair? pretty please? I'll be your best friend. lol. I finished the Alber's Cowl just in time for Vogue Knitting Live. These here are my favorite colors. I'll be wearing this to death. IMG_0022 Fun, right? I also finished my square shawl. You know the one. I kept having to get more yarn to bind off. So, it just kept growing. It's huge and colorful. My superhero cape. IMG_0277 I pretended to be a fast knitter to turn out a Clockwork. I worked on this non-stop and it still took a week! I feel like I should've been able to produce this in a couple of days, but whatevs. There is that issue of real life happening in between my knitting! IMG_0290 I knew I had to knit one of these after wearing the Travelling Clockwork . The fit and drape of this design is perfect for me. I knit it in Dragonfly Fibers "Save the Ta Ta(s)" colorway and an older skein of Montauk Monster gifted to me by Gryphon of The Verdant Gryphon. Very special indeed, this scarf. Let me leave you with one more handwoven goody. IMG_0283 Slow Fade scarf from a Spunky Weaving Club kit. I wove this one on our last beach weekend. I had intended this for a Christmas gift, but the timing didn't work out. Turns out it's a keeper! Yay! So, it's back to the grind for me. No trips on the horizon, just lots and lots of mama love. I learned my lesson well. They showed me by planning a Superbowl party in my absence. Now THEY are all at the beach while I am home cleaning and getting our house party ready. Hrumph. Go Ravens!


  1. I love the pictures and I loved seeing you at our weaving weekend.

  2. Great projects! It was such a fun weekend.