Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vogue Knitting Live

IMG_0027 We know each other by our hand knits; we, the citizens of this yarniverse. There is a really special feeling being among the yarnies of the world. From the moment we arrived in New York, we were greeted with smiles and waves and cheers when people saw the yarns being unloaded. It's a happy place, this yarniverse. We are all on a mission to create beautiful things. From the vendors, to the teachers, to the knitters and crocheters and weavers present, there is an energy of positivity. So very special. We loaded. IMG_0014 We unloaded. IMG_0020 We wined. We dined. IMG_0045 We sold yarn. IMG_0051 We made friends... IMG_0052 ...and celebrated friendships. IMG_0054 We even enjoyed a visit from a celebrity or two. IMG_0057 The pull of Kate's yarn is irresistible. IMG_0030 IMG_0043 I must say, my favorite part of shows is the wonderful people I meet and connect with. We met so many warm and wonderful souls this weekend. It was truly an honor.


  1. I missed this post in my pre beach weekend focus. Love having the pictures to put with the story!