Wednesday, July 31, 2013


     Summer rages on. I always just want to hold it fast, but it eludes me every year.  With only a month left until school starts, I'm not even sure I've entirely settled into summer. June welcomed Tour de Fleece, which I always look forward to. This year was intense as I spindled most of my yarns in order to keep up with the demands of my big, active family. I spun yarn every day and celebrated with two wins!  The first was a very generous gift certificate to my new fave, Gourmet Stash! I have been very spoiled by the decadence of this company, that's for sure!
The second prize was a gift certificate to Reckless Knitting on Etsy.  I'm so excited! Both shop owners are lovely and talented. Win win! Literally, ha!
     So, during the three weeks of the tour, I spun 6,434 yards and 1.3 feet! I accomplished that with just 12.2 ounces of wool, so that's some skinny yarn happening! I was happy to wrap up the intense spinning  on July 21.
     In knitting, I've been working on the Albers Shawl.  I'm using Dragonfly Fibers Squishy lace in Dragonberry, a special request shade of blue, and two shades of gray/charcoal.

This is a lot of lace, friends!  I was hoping to have it completed for Michigan Fiber Fest in mid August, but that's not looking too realistic. I'll love it when it's done.
     In other news, we have a puppy! This is Kira, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
How sweet is she? We just love her!
Now that she has turned 4 months, she has become a handful. We had to hire an ex-marine to train us in handling her. She is quite the stubborn pooch!
     I'm off to knit a few more rows. Happy knitting, friends!


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