Saturday, June 23, 2012

Check It Out

IMG_0032 Have you ever been captivated by unusual handspun yarns? Join the movement of cutting edge spinners and discover the wild side of making yarn. In this student paced class, we will explore alternative techniques for spinning creative singles as well as innovative plying techniques to produce truly inventive yarns. Dare to push your spinning into art with all types of funky singles as well as techniques like corespinning, thread ply, coils, wraps and in-line techniques. IMG_0034 Skill level: Must know how to spin a balanced single and possess good plying skills. IMG_0036 For more info on where to register and what to bring click here IMG_0038 Reserve your spot today and let's just see how far you can push your spinning!


  1. Sounds like a great class - love your pictures! I don't see any date or time info on the site - am I missing something?

  2. Love the pictures. You have such a gift.