Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off the Needles

Striped Study Shawl
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

I really enjoyed this knit in a mindless knit kinda way. It's just that those rows and rows of garter stitch seem to be exponential. Just sayin.' Easy to get bored with this one. Would love to knit one for fall in charcoal and light gray. Just not this fall.

I also finished a handspun sweater for #7. Spun the yarn last fall from Hello Yarn's Peat colorway. Started the crochet in January on a trip to NYC. Babylove picked out his own buttons at Tender Buttons. Quite a number of city blocks we hiked for those little treasures. He exclaimed it was beautiful when I finished. Then promptly took it off.

I've finished a few smaller projects, too. I just realized I forgot to photograph the Chappy Newsboy Hat for a newborn. Just as soon as the little chap grows into it- have to have a shot for Ravelry. It was too cute. He looked like a little old man. Adorbs! This little hat below was a quick crochet for my neighbor's new baby, Owen.

Then this was a total knitter's ADD moment, cuz I knew I could whip it up in a Sunday afternoon. Needed a prototype for a workshop I'm teaching. It's The Bright Idea Scarf.

In the tradition of The New York Sheep and Wool Festival, I was hoping to have some kinda wow factor handspun garment to wear to Rhinebeck this weekend. Instead, I'm settling with the fact that it's all I can do just to get to Rhinebeck. A little like parting the Red Sea for me to step out of my life for a few days. This weekend promises to be a little over the top in the best kind of way. Such good company. What an amazing husband to encourage me to take an EXTRA day away. I was trying to figure out how to do Rhinebeck as quickly as possible for the least amount of impact on our family when he said, "I think you should take as MUCH time as possible!" So supportive of my life's work, so appreciative of how much energy it takes to raise our family, so genuinely giving, this man. Love my mister.

Oh, and one more crazy thing. I've been kickin' this book around. It's been around for a while. Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith is a creative adventure in pushing boundaries and stepping outside the box. The other day I discovered Wreck this Journal blogs and Flickr sets. It's a great concept. The whole idea is to express your creativity by way of creative destruction. Each page contains an exercise to encourage creative expression by letting go of perfectionist ideas that keep people from creating to begin with. I stumbled upon this Book years ago at the bookstore and thought it looked like fun. I've picked it up here and there over the years, but thought it might be fun to share the process with you. Go get your own copy and play along with me! You know you want to!


  1. I love how you're crocheting everything! I hope I'll see you in Rhinebeck.

  2. So glad you're going to Rhinebeck! Can't wait to hear all about it. Your striped study looks great! Yay!